Solid State Drive technology - Contact us for a quote, it's now more affordable than you might think!

  • Tired of waiting for your computer to load Windows or shut down? 

           (An SSD/SSHD upgrade can make this up to 5 times quicker)

  • Do you move your laptop around whilst it's turned on? 

           (Vibration, movement is one of the most common cause of standard hard drive failures, SSDs have no moving parts so are more robust)

  • Want to improve your laptop's battery life?

           (SSD/SSHD technology uses no moving parts, so draws less power than a standard drive)

In short, if you want a faster, more resilient laptop, desktop or mac, get in contact with us and we can upgrade your existing hard disk to an  SSD so that you can reap the benefits of this and become more productive and less frustrated! This works for PC and mac. 

Our first video compares the same laptop with a standard HDD and an SSD. In summary, the test with the SSD was completed in full (start up, log on, open web page in Chrome, open Task Manager, Shut down) before the same test on the standard HDD could even open an application!

Below is a macbook we had in the workshop. This is the macbook loading up on the standard Apple HDD on OSX Yosemite